Strategic Planning & Management

Strategic planning is an action-oriented process that is essential in building broad based support among donors, staff, board, and clients. A well-designed plan sets priorities, guides effective decision-making, and paves the way to sustained growth. The resulting strategic plan yields improved services, financial sustainability, better operations, and stronger backing from donors. With the support of our experienced consultants, ESC can help you position your organization for success.

Strategic planning with ESC

ESC consultants recognize every organization is different and takes the time to understand its individual needs. Our unique approach to strategic planning results in a plan that everyone in the organization is committed to implement. The project starts with a thorough analysis of the current environment, including internal and external factors. Using this data, our consultants work with a client leadership team to identify and prioritize the major challenges facing the nonprofit. If needed, we will facilitate discussion around revising the organization’s vision, mission, and core values or move directly into identifying organizational goals.   Finally, we collaboratively develop an achievable step-by-step action plan, taking into account the available resources, to provide an easy to follow road map with buy-in and accountability, to ensure the organization is able to reach its goals.

Elements of Strategic Planning



  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Competitive position
  • Financial position
  • Operational resources & challenges
  • Unique culture of the organization


  • Mission & vision
  • Core values
  • Areas of impact & activity
  • Organization strengths
  • Short- and long-term goals


  • Prioritize
  • Set interim and ongoing goals
  • Develop measures for success
  • Step-by-step actions


  • Environmental analysis report
  • Goals & activity recommendations
  • Strategic plan
  • Tactical plan with timetable for implementation
  • Plan management


  • Clear direction & path to success
  • Improved services
  • Financial sustainability
  • Stronger fundraiser support
  • Sustained growth