Our History

Executive Service Corps (ESC) of New England was founded in 1982 by Caleb Loring, Jr., former Managing Partner of Fidelity and Ezra Merrill, former Chairman of HP Hood, to provide consulting services intended to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofits. Loring and Merrill’s consulting model paired experienced professionals working pro-bono with nonprofit organizations, leveraging the talents of the professional community for the benefit of the public service sector. The model took off immediately with increasing demand for services in the first several years with clients ranging from small-mid size organizations to larger museums, health care facilities and an urban public school system.

With continued growth throughout the last three decades, ESC of New England now has more than 150 expert consultants in its practice and is involved with an average of 100 nonprofit consulting engagements every year in all areas of governance and management for nonprofits in the fields of education, human services, healthcare, the arts, the environment, and many more. Our consultants bring diverse expertise from a variety of professional backgrounds. The nonprofits we work with range from start-ups to large organizations with budgets exceeding $100 million.

Caleb Loring Jr. Leadership Training Institute: In 2007, ESC began its professional development program for nonprofit leaders. In collaboration with corporate and community funders that host ESC programs, our expert presenters provide interactive workshops on a variety of relevant topics.  ESC also expanded its executive coaching services to executive directors and board chairs, offering one on one confidential assistance to enhance general management or functional area skills.

Encore: In 2013, ESC became the regional operator for the national Encore Fellowship Program, launching a new source of talent for nonprofits to benefit from the experience of mid to late-career professionals pursuing second career opportunities in the social sector.  Fellows conduct high impact projects or serve as interim executives while receiving a stipend and commit to up to 1000 hours of service within a year according to the needs of the nonprofit

Today, ESC serves as a capacity building catalyst that enables nonprofits to enhance service delivery often to those most in need in our local communities. Unlike any other nonprofit consulting organization, ESC can provide both high quality and affordable consulting services to the nonprofit sector because of its unique business model – the provision of consulting services through teams of highly skilled professionals who donate their time and expertise with a commitment to the success of every engagement. In addition, as the demands on nonprofits change, ESC can match a nonprofit organization’s need for a high-impact implementer with a trained Encore Fellow at below-market rates. Discover the difference ESC can make by contacting us today.