“I think we want to see new voices and new ideas emerge- that’s art of the reason why term limits are a really useful thing.” – Barack Obama The number one problem I see with nonprofit boards is a failure to have, or enforce, term limits. Good board members are hard to find, and feel […]

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Last month we found ways to collect narratives that tell your organization’s story and today we discuss the best ways to use them. Client stories, quotes, and testimonials are extremely important pieces of information that should be shared with anyone who supports your mission.  How, when, and where you use client stories can be just […]

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Nonprofits often grow organically, beginning with a charismatic founder and a good idea. As they evolve and the board begins to take shape there is inevitably a debate over the adoption of official policies and procedures. On one hand, no one wants to over complicate things. Board members are friendly and trust one another, the […]

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“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.” – Michael Margolis Personal stories can be powerful tools for advocacy. They help encourage understanding, build bridges, and advance a cause.  Curated correctly, stories can be […]

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This week we feature a guest post from Ashok B. Boghani, ESC of New England’s Board Chair. I attended a Forum at The Boston Foundation on April 19th. Titled “Our Shared Future: Charting a Path for Immigrant Advancement in a New Political Landscape,” the program provided a platform for discussing many issues related to this […]

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Free websites for nonprofits — 48 of them are coming, Boston Globe 48in48 is doing great work in nonprofit communities around the country- and their deadline to apply for a new website was extended a week! How Women Over 50 Can Keep Their Careers on Track, New York Times How woman over 50 continue successful […]

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Leading When You’re Hurting, LinkedIn “What do you do during these times when you’re leading while hurting and are far from bringing your ‘A-game?’” The IKEA Effect and the Social Sector, GuideStar Blog Just how does the IKEA effect (“the fact that people attach greater value to things they built themselves as opposed to the exact […]

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The Massachusetts governor used his second State of the Commonwealth Address on January 24, 2017 to draw attention to the contributions that people like many of our ESC Consultants and Encore Fellows make every day. “We must also think differently about how we support and engage older adults.  The notion that people are fully retired […]

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How to Make an Amazon Dash Button That Gives the ACLU $5 Every Time You See Something Terrible, Gizmodo Maybe you have heard of (or have) an Amazon Dash, a device that allows you to reorder household items with the touch of a button. With some tech know-how and tinkering, the Amazon Dash can be […]

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Last month, the world lost acclaimed foreign correspondent and ESC Consultant Bernard “Bern” Redmont. Bern worked on many projects over his decade-long tenure as an ESC Consultant, with highlights including the Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History, Community Catalyst, Frederick Douglass Charter School, International Institute for Mediation and Historical Conciliation, Mansfield Music & Arts Society, and Tides […]

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