Discovering What’s Next Programs

Programs, Ideas and Resources

Discovering What’s Next programs at ESC give people the knowledge and confidence to navigate successfully the questions and challenges that often emerge at mid-life and at other times of transition. We customize our services to embrace the goals of our sponsoring partners and personalize our offerings to focus on the people we serve – whether it’s achieving life balance, seeking clarity of purpose, contributing through community engagement, or finding paid or unpaid work with a social purpose.

A sampling of our program offerings:

  • Seminars and Workshops, delivered as “live” events, webinars, or in digital learning environments via self-help modules and checklists
    • Sample topics:
      • “Discover Your Encore” – Explore work/service with a social purpose
      • “Thinking Beyond the Money” – Non-financial aspects of preparing for retirement
      • “Looking Ahead” – Work-life issues and frameworks for creating a legacy
  • Content Support, contributing to organizations’ on-line libraries with reference materials, ideas, articles, workbooks and checklists, as well as private-labeled Newsletters
  • Transition Navigators®, availability of trained guides who facilitate post-seminar identification and exploration of opportunities

Explore Other Meaningful Opportunities in the Nonprofit Sector

With our 30-year history connecting New England nonprofits and experienced pro bono consultants, ESC can guide you on your journey to Discover What’s Next!

As an ESC Consultant, you’ll discover there’s so much more to be gained by putting your skills to work for causes that truly matter. Our consultants make meaningful connections with inspiring, like-minded professionals who are motivated by the deep satisfaction of creating lasting change through engagements with our nonprofit clients.

As regional operator for the national Encore Fellowships Program, we also offer pathways for transitioning to nonprofit work through high-impact assignments with a stipend. Whether you are a potential work host or an individual seeking paid work with a social purpose, learn more about Encore Fellows.

To learn more about all of the programs and services of ESC Discovering What’s Next, contact the Director of Discovering What’s Next Programs, David Guydan, at or 617-357-5550.