Encore Fellowships

Encore Fellowships at ESC

Encore Fellowships bring a new source of high-impact affordable talent to nonprofits seeking added capacity to sustain their missions. They are time-limited positions with a stipend that match skilled, experienced professionals with social-purpose organizations in high-impact assignments.

ESC is the regional operator of the Encore Fellowship Program for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our program is an affiliate of the national Encore Fellowships Network (EFN).

The ESC Encore Fellowship Program offers a structured path for nonprofits to gain from the experience of highly skilled and socially motivated professionals. Both the fellows and the organizations rate their experience very highly.

History of Encore

Encore.org (formerly Civic Ventures) grew from a desire to ensure that the second half of life is a source of both individual and social renewal. Encore.org advances the idea of leveraging the skills and talents of experienced adults to improve communities and the world. EFN launched this program in 2009 to connect organizations with experienced individuals pursuing second careers in nonprofits to make a lasting difference in society. More.

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