Build Your Capacity With An Encore Fellow

The fellow had the right skills, the right expectations, the right attitude, and the right support.

Pamela Cantor, MD
Turnaround for Children, Inc.

Encore Fellows Make an Impact

As your nonprofit strives to meet a growing demand for services, an Encore Fellow can bring a wealth of experience to your mission, along with the enthusiasm to learn about your work, and make a positive difference to your organization. Encore Fellows are highly skilled and experienced talent matched to take on high impact work assignments designed to meet the unique challenges of nonprofits at an affordable cost.

ESC is the regional operator of the Encore Fellowship Program, matching nonprofits seeking talent with experienced professionals looking to transition into the social sector. We can match you with an Encore career seeker who has the right skills and interests to take on a high impact work assignment or position in your organization.

How it Works

Fellowship assignments last either six months or 12 months, although some organizations choose to retain their fellows for ongoing work. Fellows are paid a stipend, a cost that can sometimes be shared between a host organization and program sponsor.

Encore Fellows work as members of your nonprofit staff, enabling them to make a bigger impact than they would on a shorter-term assignment. ESC carefully screens Encore Fellowships candidates to ensure they’re committed, flexible and eager to adapt and learn.

Learn more

To learn more about the benefits of hosting an Encore Fellow or register for one of our regularly scheduled information sessions contact our ESC Encore Fellowships Program Director, Donna Morelle at or 617-357-5550.

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Kudos to Encore!

A recent survey of nonprofits demonstrated:

  • Over 97% of nonprofits and fellows give positive “Overall Satisfaction” rating
  • Over 80% of nonprofits expect sustained positive impact
  • At end of fellowship, 80% of nonprofits are likely to hire Encore talent from private sector

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