Join ESC Encore as a Corporate Partner

ESC of New England and You

Founders Caleb Loring Jr. of Fidelity and Ezra Merrill of JP Hood created ESC of New England in 1982 to give retiring senior executives the opportunity to give back to the community through pro bono consulting to nonprofits. Today experienced professionals choose ESC for the community of peers and array of opportunities to use their skills to improve the world around them. ESC’s capacity building services continue to feature consulting on governance, program development, finance, marketing and strategic planning, and in addition ESC now matches fellows to implement projects over 6-12 months, and provides programs designed for people exploring life beyond their major career.

Why Engage ESC now?

  • After a long, fruitful career, retirement-eligible employees are asking, “What comes next for me?” No longer content with simply “retiring,” today people discover that life remains full of possibility.
  • ESC programs defuse the uncertainly that comes when retirement approaches, whether it is planned or company-directed.
  • Employ ESC as a gateway to social purpose opportunities in New England and around the country.

Offer Eligible Employees ESC’s Discovering What’s Next Programs

Two facilitated live seminars or webinars

  • “Discover Your Encore” defines the encore stage of life between midlife and retirement and presents healthy aging through purposeful work, pro bono or for pay, often with a social impact in the nonprofit sector. Through a guided self-discovery process, participants explore their motivations, interests and competencies leading to development of their own, personal Encore Targets and creation of their Encore Stories.
  • “Thinking Beyond the Money” offers a framework that connects non-financial considerations and decisions with the financial planning process. The seminar presents a new definition of retirement and a practical model for planning one’s future, midlife and beyond, by identifying six key priorities in a retirement planning pyramid: finding home, security and balance, while keeping fit, staying connected and seeking purpose.

Discovering What’s Next eBooks

  • Available through an electronic bookshelf, eBook Guides are available online, or participants may
    purchase them at seminars. The self-contained workbooks cover topics through text, worksheets
    and checklists to stimulate further goal-setting.

Offer a Route to Social Purpose Work Through the ESC Encore Fellowship Program

The ESC Encore Fellowship Program places people in a structured transitional assignment that matches skilled, typically recent-retirees with social-purpose organizations in stipended positions. The program harnesses experience and talent to strengthen nonprofit organizations when fellows take on roles that leverage their experience to deliver significant, sustained impact to their host nonprofit organizations.

  • Present a new HR tool for retirement eligible employees by connecting them to ESC’s Encore Fellowships program which provides assistance in finding nonprofits interested in a new source of potential employees.
  • Connect through ESC to Generation To Generation, where people are pledging to create a better future for future generations.


  • Provide a HR sponsored “retirement benefit” by sponsoring the fellowship stipend to incent workers to separate from the company. Company-sponsored fellowships are very popular with nonprofits and stipends are fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution by the sponsoring company.

A Win-Win-Win

For Your Company:

  • Adds to the benefits of a voluntary buy-out process across the country.
  • Sponsored Encore stipends are tax-deductible as charitable contributions to a 501 (c) 3.
  • Provides a way to reward long term employees and demonstrate how the company values them by sponsoring them in a local nonprofit.
  • Helps attract new purpose-driven employees who value the company’s reputation for innovation and giving back to the community.
  • Provides an innovative tool to incentivize retirement-eligible employees to take steps towards a new stage of life.

For Your Employees:

  • Provides a smooth transition path into social purpose work.
  • Addresses employee’s “fear of unknown” by providing a new identity and a new network.
  • Online enrollment form and personalized one to one counseling.

For the community:

  • Builds upon current Corporate Social Responsibility programs by leveraging your investment in your most important asset, your highly-skilled workforce, to benefit your communities.
  • Provides nonprofits (including those you already support) low cost access to skilled, experienced talent to enhance organizational capacity in many localities.

For more information, contact: Julie Crockford.