Contingency Planning

It’s important that nonprofits have a strategy for responding effectively to unexpected future events. The most difficult issue in planning is prediction of revenue, whether it is going to happen and the timing. ESC consultants work with your organization’s staff and provide contingency planning services that identifies possible approaches to various future scenarios; and give you a road map to keep your nonprofit on track.

How we work: We understand every nonprofit is unique and our expert consultants work directly with your board, organization leadership, and staff to identify strategic opportunities that may arise as your environment changes, such as:

  • Sharing services, staff, functions and/or facilities
  • Public and/or private partnerships
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Mission review

Our consultants begin with a thorough evaluation of your organization to identify realistic financial scenarios and identify contingency scenarios and opportunities. With the goal of creating pre-planned tactical responses, financial forecasts, and strategic options.

ESC Approach to Contingency Planning



  • Identify realistic financial scenarios and forecasts; and their impacts
  • Identify contingency scenarios that link actions to specific triggers


  • Identify strategic opportunities based on contingency scenarios
  • Evaluate potential partners
  • Explore collaborative opportunities


  • Create communication plans for all constituents
  • Revise policies and procedures to address new potential situations
  • Reinforce intra-group connections


  • Pre-planned tactical responses
  • Financial forecasts
  • Reduction scenarios
  • Scenario-based, programmatic and financial impact reports
  • Contingency-based, strategic options
  • Communication plan


  • Prompt, effective responses to unexpected events
  • Proactive leadership