Governance & Board Development

Ensuring strong, productive oversight can maximize the performance of your nonprofit and help you to better achieve your mission as well as meet all legal requirements for fiscal accountability. Our skilled corporate governance consultants can help your board reach its full potential through workshops, consulting and, where it would be helpful, executive/leadership coaching for staff and/or board leadership.

How We Work

Nonprofit boards come in all shapes and sizes and no one size fits all plan will work. Our experienced corporate governance consultants begin by understanding the unique needs of your governing board, then work closely with your nonprofit leadership to improve governance and board development from every angle. This may include:

  • Restructuring your board to enhance impact
  • Identifying and training on board member roles and areas of accountability
  • Developing strategies for change management
  • Creating clear divisions of responsibility between your board, staff and committees

Is your nonprofit staff and board leadership capable of achieving more? ESC nonprofit consulting services provide guidance and support to better manage challenges related to  board recruitment, training and analysis of group dynamics.

ESC Governance & Board Development—A 3-Step Approach



  • Use diagnostics to analyze work load
  • Guide Board self-assessment
  • Interview key Board members and staff


  • Diagnostic report and recommendations
  • Action plan and timeline to keep Board on task


  • Action plan implementation support
  • Recruitment guidance
  • Mentoring and coaching