Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a hands-on, practical way to enhance your leadership capabilities and improve organizational performance and sustainability. ESC provides personalized, one-on-one mentors and executive coaching to support nonprofit leaders, including board members to enhance their leadership skills and inspire productive collaboration.

How We Work

Our flexible approach to executive coaching typically includes a series of regularly scheduled, one-on-one mentoring sessions, support services, and an evaluation of outcomes. We take special care to match you with a mentor that fits your unique situation and has first hand experience dealing with the challenges and goals relevant to your growth. Coaches meet as needed, typically taking a month to carefully develop a timeline and address areas of focus that will meet you desired results. To support continued development post-project, a detailed report of action areas and metrics for evaluating progress will be developed by Coach and executive at the end of the engagement.

ESC Executive Coaching Services—Areas of Focus

  • Working with different management styles
  • Team building
  • Outcome & output measurement
  • Governance
  • Communication
  • Transitions
  • Managing behavioral challenges
  • Organizational dynamics

Executive Coaching Benefits

  • Strong leadership
  • Productive, collaborative relationships
  • Awareness of managerial strengths and challenges
  • High individual and organizational performance
  • Improved nonprofit sustainability​