Marketing & Messaging

The ability to communicate a clear cohesive message is essential to the survival of a nonprofit. It explains who you are, what you do, and your unique value to the community.

Marketing and messaging with ESC

The ESC approach to strategic marketing consulting, brand consulting, and messaging starts with a comprehensive discovery process to understand your organization. This includes a review of existing materials, interviews with key stakeholders, and a competitor analysis.

Our consultants understand every organization is unique and work with your leadership and staff to create an individualized messaging strategy to showcase your organization and its mission. Our consultants work with you to develop a step by step plan to plan to execute your marketing and messaging effectively to reach current and potential constituents and donors.

The ESC Approach to Strategic Marketing & Messaging



  • Review business strategy, vision & mission
  • Audit communications
  • Interview stakeholders


  • Segment target constituencies
  • Interview & survey
  • Audit competitors
  • Assess regulatory environment & other factors



  • Positioning
  • Values & needs
  • Key messages
  • Brand attributes
  • Voice
  • Integrated communications plan


  • Marketing and branding plan
  • Action plan
  • Recommendations on marketing priorities, challenges and solutions


  • Compelling messaging that resonates with target constituencies
  • Consistent story to build credibility and authenticity
  • New perspective on organizational challenges and opportunities