Whether a neutral facilitator for a board retreat, stakeholder conference, or committee meeting our ESC consultants offer meeting facilitation services that provide support, structure, and direction needed to effectively utilize everyone’s valuable time and ensure all voices are heard.

ESC consultants participate as neutral facilitators to help conduct productive meetings that engage the necessary people, focus on the legitimate goals, and progress with a process that leads to positive action and team building.

How We Work

Our approach to nonprofit meeting facilitation includes planning and conducting meetings, as well as summarizing results and recommending next steps. Depending on your specific needs ESC Consultants will:

  • Meet with participants to prepare a comprehensive agenda
  • Establish meeting logistics including participants and location
  • Guide the meeting process to ensure an efficient, productive exchange of ideas and constructive decision making with action planning

Our experienced consultants are well versed in meeting best practices and will tailor them to suit the goals, skills and dynamics of your nonprofit group. As neutral facilitators, we help groups efficiently manage meeting time and interactions to arrive at sound decisions that serve the best interests of your constituents.

ESC 3-Step Approach to Meeting Facilitation


Plan (pre-meeting)

  • Define meeting goals
  • Identify setting and participants
  • Conduct interviews to determine needs
  • Create agenda


  • Set meeting norms
  • Time management
  • Handle potential difficult behaviors
  • Utilize decision making tools (brainstorming, priotization, forced field analysis, etc.)


  • Summarize decisions made
  • Recommend action steps


  • Higher group efficiency
  • More productive collaboration/team building
  • Full inclusion of participants
  • Reach desired outcomes