Succession Planning

ESC consultants doing nonprofit succession planning work closely with your nonprofit board and chief executive to put a strategy in place for managing planned and unexpected departures before they impact services.

ESC consultants start by focusing on questions to address when choosing a successor. A thorough analysis of these questions informs our recommendations for a well-thought-out replacement process and executive search strategy. We create timelines to ensure progress, and manage all aspects of recruitment from screening candidates to conducting interviews to performing background checks. Post hiring, our consultants provide support areas including leadership agenda development, executive performance metrics and mentoring.

ESC Succession Planning



  • Assess organizational goals & direction
  • Identify potential departure scenarios & implications
  • Build capacity to support smooth leadership transition
  • Identify new leader qualities & qualifications

Search, select & Prepare

  • Recruit & screen candidates
  • Develop interview & reference checking
  • Celebrate & leverage legacy of departing leader


  • Welcome new executive
  • Develop leadership agenda
  • Identify board mentor
  • Set standards for executive performance evaluation
  • Review strategy and nonprofit vision


  • Uninterrupted services for constituents
  • Organizational and mission sustainability
  • Stakeholder and donor trust
  • Long-term legacy loyalty and support