Organizational Development

ESC consultants work with nonprofits to create a flexible foundation for effectively responding to opportunities and challenges as they arise.

How We Work

ESC understands every organization is unique. We typically approach organizational development in two phases. The goal of the first phase is to gain a deep understanding of your nonprofit culture, and identify opportunities and areas of improvement. This typically involves a thorough organizational assessment; as well as candid interviews with nonprofit management, executives, and staff.

In phase 2, our consultants show you how to evaluate and implement recommendations to improve organizational performance. We provide training and support as needed to ensure your continued growth and success.

Organizational Development Benefits

With our nonprofit consulting services in organizational development, ESC consultants help nonprofits form a consistent vision and mission to guide a sustainable future. This lays the groundwork for a more responsive, dynamic organizational structure that fosters creative thinking and successful outcomes..

ESC Nonprofit Consulting Services For Organizational Development



  • Interview management & staff to identify opportunities & focus areas
  • Assess human resources
  • Create vision of optimal structure & culture for future


  • Manage transition to new organizational structure
  • Support individualized & group training for ongoing development


  • Consistent vision and mission to guide future
  • Stronger management with right skills, tools and knowledge to drive positive growth
  • More responsive, dynamic organizational structure that emphasizes creative thinking and strong outcomes