Outcomes Measurement & Program Evaluation

Quantitative and qualitative outcomes measurement are an invaluable way to show the impact of your nonprofit. ESC consultants work closely with your organization to develop effective outcomes measurements that fit naturally within existing processes to conduct a thorough assessment to gain reliable information that will help to make well-informed decisions.

ESC consultants work with you to identify achievable outcomes and success indicators, plan and execute evaluation strategies, and clearly analyze and communicate results to you. Our approach is focused on giving you tools and strategies to:

  • Identify what makes a program or service a success
  • Distinguish between outputs and outcomes
  • Tie outcomes to measurements and indicators
  • Approach outcomes measurement as a process


ESC Approach to Outcomes Measurement & Program Evaluation



  • Program success factors
  • Short-, mid- & long-term outcomes
  • Connections between goals, resources, activities & outputs


  • Outcome indicators
  • Develop strategy & methodology for data gathering


  • Develop indicator report to guide periodic outcomes monitoring
  • Analyze & interpret results over time
  • Modify outcomes & measurements as data needs evolve


  • Identification of program-by-program outcomes
  • Measurable outcome key indicators
  • Collection strategies for short-, mid- & long-term outcomes
  • Standardized key indicator report


  • Clear understanding of goals & success factors
  • Reliable data to drive stakeholder confidence and program involvement
  • Fundraiser satisfaction